Education Week at Sea  

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Conference For the Family at Sea

A Week long event with 3 days of Conference

A spiritual feast for your soul 

From Los Angeles  April 9 - April 16

7 Night - 8 Day Cruise!

The conference for the family at sea  will bring scholars, religious leaders and motivational speakers together to talk about the "natural family," defined by the conference as a family centered around the marriage of a man and woman.

Families are challenged by too-high divorce rates and the growth of cohabitation and other living arrangements that have grown exponentially but have not been proven by research to be the best way to raise children The emergence of "very crude negative influences" in the culture require the help of families to become a bulwark against negative things like pre-marital sexual experimentation and drugs. Fundamentally the family is the anchor and the foundation upon which moral and good societies are built. The family was God's design and God's plan to promote happiness for his children.  The conference will also include topics including sex trafficking, abortion, pornography, the economic burden from family breakdown, Hollywood values, bioethics and more.


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