exploration with RYAN FISHER and WAYNE MAY

An adventure in to the Book of Mormon!

October 16 - 23,  2016

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When is comes to gaining gospel knowledge, it is best have your spiritual feast along with a  temporal one.  This extensive tour includes lectures by Wayne May and Ryan Fisher and visits to Hopewell mounds, ancient cities and forts!



On this tour you will have the opportunity to see nearly all of the church history sites as well as possible Book of Mormon sites from that time period.  We include in our trip one flight between Columbus OH and St. Louis  MO. that saves us from a very long bus journey.


In addition to the best buses available we offer quality hotels that others don't.   WE ARE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU!


Breakfasts at the hotels are included with our package.  Stops for quick lunches are made during our touring day and in the evening we have our meal at either a restaurant or buffet. Lunches and dinners are not included so that people may order what they like.  You should plan on about $25 per day per person for meals.

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Wayne N. May
Ryan Fisher
Mound City
Cahokia Mounds
Daily Itinerary

The Land of Bountiful – Tour


OCTOBER 16-23, 2016


Day One (Sunday October 16th)

Fly into Columbus Ohio and settle into hotel


Day Two

We’ll start off at Coshocton, Ohio where we’ll tour the museum that houses many artifacts that may have been Nephite including headplates, breastplates, atlatl, arrow heads and other metal and stone artifacts. Also on display is the Newark holy stones which depict Moses and the ten commandments written in paleo Hebrew which was found in a mound nearby.


We’ll also visit flint ridge, the site of an ancient munitions factory that may have supplied the arms for many of the conflicts in the Book of Mormon. We’ll finish off the day by exploring the great Newark earthworks. A massive 4 square mile complex that dates to both Nephite and Jaredite times.


Day three

We’ll visit Mound City national historical park, a fortified city that dates to Nephite times. Then we’ll continue down the paint valley which is lined with 2000 year old hill top forts as we make our way to an Amish bakery for a frontier lunch. After lunch we’ll visit the serpent mound, a 1300 foot long serpent earthwork on a hill top bluff.


Day Four

We start the day visiting Pollock earthworks, an ancient Hopewell site along with Williamson Mound and Enon mounds. Then we drive to Fort Ancient, an ancient fort that could house 50,000 people. The fort has an excellent museum and even offers atlatl throwing. Then we visit Miamisburg mounds before heading to Indiana.


Day Five

We begin with a visit to Mounds state park, Angel mounds and tour ancient Hopewell sites that date to Nephite times.


Day Six

We begin our tour of the forts built by governor Lachoneus in southern Illinois. We’ll visit several ancient hill top forts that we featured in season two of Nephite Explorer. We’ll walk the causeways, gates, walls as the story of the Book of Mormon comes alive right before our eyes. We’ll also explore a cave that one had petroglyphs of ancient animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon


Day Seven (Saturday October 22nd)

The day begins with visiting Big Springs, MO, the site of one of the largest fresh water springs in North America and is our choice for the Waters of Mormon. We then finish off the tour of the land of Bountiful at Cahokia state park which comprises massive mounds and replicas of the palisade defenses built by the ancients.


October 23rd  (Sunday) Fly out of St. Louis

This is a never-done-before exploration of the latest archaeological sites that have parallels to the Book of Mormon account. We visit many of the sites featured in the Nephite Explorer Project tv series. As we travel on the motorcoach and at each stop, Ryan and Wayne discuss the archaeology, the Nephites and the spiritual messages of the Book of Mormon prophets all in the heartland of the United States where these events took place.


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Trip Pricing Details:

Package Price: $1195 pp Double Occupancy

$1995 pp Single Occupancy


Per Person based on double occupancy in hotel.  Does not include airfare to and from the trip nor tips.  Price and availability are subject to change.

Monks Mound
Fort Entrance
Newark Earthworks


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