Remnants in the Eternal City of Rome, Florence and Naples


Discover the life of the Apostles Peter and Paul. Explore gems of the Vatican  and learn of  ancient remnants of temple rites and traditions.

March 10-18 2017 - 7nt 8 Day Tour

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Discover the home of the of the Apostles Peter and Paul.  Visit the center of christianity to the world while focusing on the Life of Christ.  Every hill, every stone has a story to tell and a testimony to bare of the divinity of the Christ.  You will never read the scriptures the same as your mind and memory will take you back to Italy and our journeys again and again.


When is comes to gaining gospel knowledge, it is best have your spiritual feast along with a temporal one. With a keen knowledge of Catholicism, Bruce H. Porter is fun, knowledgeable and focused on you having a great time while learning insights to the Gospel on this one of a kind itinerary.

Day by Day Itinerary

(Subject to changes at guide's discretion

for effeciency and concern for the group)



Gospel Remnants of Florence, Rome & Naples Italy


Friday March 10 - Fly to Naples (airfare is included from JFK - New York)

Saturday March 11 - Land in Naples by 5pm and transfer to beachfront hotel.

Sunday  March 12 - Free day at the beach. Have great pasta and pizza and a cool drink!


Monday March 13 - Pompeii

This day you will experience the ancient like you never have before. We will escort you through the ancient city life of bankers, slave traders, politicians, and normal roman citizens. You will see the forum, the temples, the courthouse, the homes, the bathhouses, theatres, and the amphitheater.


You will be escorted by a Latin teacher through the city that was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.


After our exciting visit to Pompeii we will travel to Sorento where we will see the beautiful view of the mountians along the sea and have time for shopping.

This evening we will transfer to Rome, the Eternal City


Tuesday March 14 - Coliseum/Roman Forum/San Clemente/St. Paul Outside the Wall


Visit the Gladiators' arena, the height of Ancient Roman entertainment. Learn Coliseum-specific Latin terms that have influenced the related terms we use today! See how the Classical Age morphed into the Early Middle Ages as the Roman Empire declined and Christianity rose from obscurity.


Learn about ancient Roman life as we escort you through the Roman Forum - the city center of every-day life 2,000 years ago. You will see the old interweaved with the 18th-20th century and see the church where tradition holds is the ancient prison of the apostles Peter and Paul.


Experience live history as you literally descend 2,000 years underground when you enter the bowels of the Basilica di San Clemente. This 12th-century church was built on top of a pre-existing 4th-century church. Archaeologists have also discovered that this 4th century church was constructed over an ancient roman street and home.

Visit the historic church where it is believed that the Apostle Paul was executed. Learn the doctrinal significance of the gilded Latin inscriptions in this beautiful basilica.


Wednesday March 15 - Vatican Museum - LDS Temple


You will spend this day walking the cobble stone streets of downtown Rome. We will visit the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basiilica. See Michelangelo's Pietà, one of the most beautiful tender marble sculptures in the world.


Afterward follow tasty aromas leading you to artisan gelato shops and fine traditional Roman Cuisine for a good lunch.


Then we'll take you a few miles to the north where you can see the Temple Site of the LDS Rome Italy Temple, which is currently under construction.

Take fast train to Florence.


Thursday March 16 - Pisa/Carrara

Today we travel to Carrara to see the quarry that supplied the white marble used for Michelanhelo's David as well as the Rome Temple Visitor Center's Cristus.

The ancient world famous marble quarries of Carrara, are located along the coast north of Pisa.  The quarries where many of the famous pieces of Italy have originated from including Michelangelo’s David, and many more.  The statues of the Christus and 12 apostles created by Bertel Thorvaldsen of which the LDS church has adopted to use in many locations of the church also originated in Carrara.   As part of the production of the Rome Temple, the church has commissioned a project to recreate the Christus (15 feet tall) and all 12 apostles (life size),  made with the most rare marble from Carrara for the Rome Temple Visitor Center.

We will be able to visit the inside of the work shop to see the process of this creation and the robotic machines that do a lot of the cutting.


(Note: The Cristus and Twelve Apostles will have already been moved to Rome by the time of this tour.)

Friday March 17 - Florence

This day tour will cover Michelangelo's David, and other prominent sites in Florence.

Return to Naples by fast train.

Saturday March 18 - Transfer to the Airport  for a 6am departure- Flight to New York Arrives USA 1pm


We'll bring you directly to the airport so you can make an easy connection back home!



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  • Airport and Hotel Transfers

  • Trip Educator and Guide

  • Hotel Accomodations 

  • Motor Coachs and Train Transportation

  • Admission to All sites listed in the Itinerary

  • Breakfasts Daily


Not included:

  • Airfare to JFK to connect with group flight

  • Tipping for Bus driver and local guide (total $10/day)

  • Additional meals (plan on $25/day)

  • any personal items and snacks




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