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Don Parry

Professor of Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls

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Apr 25 - 4 May 2018

Optional Tour at the end of the Israel tour to visit Petra

Petra add on $650 per person based on double occupancy


When is comes to gaining gospel knowledge, it is best have your spiritual feast along with a  temporal one. 


Discover the home of the Bible and visit the sites of both the Old and New Testaments, focusing on the Life of Christ.  Every hill, every stone has a story to tell and a testimony to bare of the divinity of the Bible.  You will never read the scriptures the same as your mind and memory will take you to Israel and our journeys again and again.

You pay good money to go on a tour, and you want to squeeze the most out of every dollar. You not only want to see the sights and sites available at each destination, but you want the tour company to provide somebody who can tell you all the juicy tidbits and show you the scenes behind the scenes of what you are seeing. 

This  tour includes all of the important Sites in Israel such as Jerusalem, Garden Tomb, Galilee, Bethlehem, Masada and more. It also includes Jordan and Petra as well

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  • International Airfare – We can assist you in making the airline reservations at no charge if necessary. We email the group about 4 months prior to the tour the suggested flight schedule.

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April 25 (Wed): Depart United States

April 26 (Thur): Arrive in Tel Aviv: Enjoy a relaxing evening, walk on the beach or swim in the Mediterranean as you recover from jet lag and prepare for our wonderful adventure.

April 27 (Fri): Tel Aviv – Jaffa – Caesarea – Mt. Carmel

caesarea-hadera-jer113We will begin our vacation with a visit of Old Jaffa (Joppa) and the Artists’ Quarters. Jaffa is where Peter received his vision leading to the expansion of missionary work to the Gentiles and is also the place that Jonah attempted to flee from the Lord’s presence aboard a ship bound for Tarshish. We will look at similarities between these two events as well as the symbolic message of Jonah. From Jaffa, we will travel along the Mediterranean coast to the Roman, New Testament capital, Caesarea. Once in Caesarea, we will see an ancient Roman theatre and study the Biblical events that happened here, connecting them to the events at Joppa. From Caesarea, we will go to Tiberias stopping at Mt. Carmel on the way, where we will discuss the epic battle between Elijah and the wicked priests of Baal as well as take a look at the story of David & Nabal. We will overnight at our hotel in Tiberias.

April 28 (Sat):   Cana – Megiddo – Nazareth (Nazareth Village) – Mount Tabor – Church Services

megiddo gateThis morning we will start with church services overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Then we will continue with a visit to Megiddo, which is prophesied as the beginning location for Armageddon. This was an ancient cross-roads where taxes were collected and many battles fought, foreshadowing the “end of days” battle between good and evil. From Megiddo, we will drive via Cana, the place where Christ turned water into wine at a wedding feast, to Nazareth. Nazareth was the boyhood home of Jesus. Here we will visit a village to see what life was like during the time of Christ in a small village. We will finish the day on Mount Tabor, where we will discuss the transfiguration as understood in context of modern revelation.  In the evening, we will dine at the home of our Bedouin sheik driver before returning to our hotel in Tiberias (this is a highlight for many of our guests).

April 29 (Sun): Sea of Galilee – Caesarea Phillipi  – Capernaum – Mount of Beatitudes – Tel Dan

caesarea phillipi 2Today will begin with a drive along the coasts of the Sea of Galilee before arriving at traditional site where Christ delivered the Sermon on the Mount. Here we will find a quiet place to study the doctrines of that amazing sermon. Then we will visit Capernaum, which was the center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry. In Capernaum, Christ performed many miracles and gave many profound teachings, including the “Bread of Life” sermon. We will see the remains of a synagogue from the time of Christ, which very well may have been the synagogue in which He taught. Lunch today is included as everyone will have the opportunity to try St. Peter’s Fish. After lunch, we will take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Feel the power and peace of this amazing location and learn of those miracles that took place on this Sea. We’ll continue our day with a visit to Banias (Caesarea Phillipi) at the foot of Mount Hermon, which is the site of Peter’s testimony of Savior and one of the sources of the Jordan River as it emerges from the foothills of Mount Hermon. Time permitting, we will visit the ancient site of Tel Dan and discuss why the Northern Kingdom would have begun to worship the golden calf. Return to our hotel in Tiberias.

 April 30 (Mon): Beth Shean – Jordan Valley – Jordan River (Bethabara) – Wadi qelt

bet-sheanWe will begin the day with a visit to the strategic site of Beth Shean (one of the decapolis cities of the New Testament). At these impressive ruins we will see the splendor of Roman life and Hellenistic culture. Here Saul’s body was nailed to the city walls when he was captured. We will then drive through the Jordan Valley passing by Jericho and review some of the important scriptural events that took place on the road to Jericho. We will stop by what is believed to be near the ancient baptismal site of Christ on the Jordan River.  From here we will continue on to Jerusalem. If time permits, we will make a brief stop in Bethany and talk of the raising of Lazarus from the dead. We will check into our hotel in Jerusalem for a relaxing evening.  

May 1 (Tue): Jerusalem – Mount of Olives – Old City –  City of David/Hezekiah’s tunnel – Western Wall (Tunnel) – House of Caiaphas/Church of Gallacantu 

dome-of-the-rock1.jpgWe will begin our first full day in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives, where we can view and discuss the history of ancient Jerusalem. Then we will begin a walking tour of the Old City in which we will see Mount Zion, the St. Anna Church with the Pools of Bethesda, and the Antonia Fortress. We will walk a portion of the “Via Dolorosa”, which is the traditional road that Christ walked on his way to Golgotha. We will walk through the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall and descend into the tunnels of the Western Wall. In the afternoon, we will see the Cardo Maximus, Mount Zion and the House of Caiaphas. For those who would like, there will be the option of going through Hezekiah’s tunnel. We will return to our hotel in the evening.

May 2 (Wed): Bethelehem – Jerusalem Center –  Garden Tomb – Mount of Olives – Golgotha – Gethsemane

garden tombWe will begin our day with an early morning visit to Gethsemane, walking down to the private gardens from the top of Mt. of Olives. Afterwards, we will do a tour of the Jerusalem Center. We will then head to Bethlehem, the birth home of Christ. From there we will proceed to the Garden Tomb, where we will also be able to view the ancient Golgotha. Here we will be discuss and ponder the final moments of Christ’s mortal life and his glorious resurrection.

May 3 (Thur): Qumran – Massada – Dead Sea

masadaThis will be the final day of tour in Israel. We will begin our day by driving to the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. From there, we will head to Masada. Here we will take a cable car to the top of Masada to see the ruins of the palace-fortress built by King Herod. We will discuss the history of the Zealots’ last stand against the Romans. From Masada, we will drive to Qumran to visit the sites in which the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. For those interested in swimming, we will stop on our way back at a beach on the Dead Sea where those who would like can float in the salty water. Those flying home to the US will go directly to the airport this evening. Those continuing on to Jordan will stay on the bus as we head down to the Red Sea.

Transfer to airport for late night flight home. Flight should be scheduled for around midnight if not going on to Petra/Jordan.

May 4 (Fri) – Arrive Home

Don Parry: 

Don Parry: Donald is Professor of Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He taught for many years at the Jerusalem Center. He is married to Camille Mills, from Las Vegas, Nevada; they have six children. Donald is a member of the International Team of Translators of the Dead Sea Scrolls (He has worked translating the Dead Sea Scrolls of Isaiah, 1 & 2 Samuel, and others). Don has directed over 20 different tour groups with Bountiful Travel, taking groups into the Holy Lands and the lands of the Book of Mormon. He has authored or edited twenty-seven books including: Understanding Isaiah, Temples of the Ancient World, Visualizing Isaiah, and other books on the Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and Dead Sea Scrolls. He is a popular Education Week speaker. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a is personable host to our groups. His scriptural knowledge is extensive and he is fascinated with old cars. You will love traveling with Don.


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