Praise for Us

10/6/2015 crew,


   Thank you for all you do to keep the tours running.  We had a wonderful time!! This tour was the perfect one for us in so many ways.  I feel it was a gift from Heavenly Father, as so many aspects of the trip were perfect.  The fall cooler weather was marvelous.  Harvest and home gardening was mostly done.

    Bruce is the perfect tour guide for my husband, as he reads many Hugh Nibley books and has sought wisdom and knowledge in the scriptures and other ancient text.  Though I don't memorize Nibley's works, I know much of it, Bruce talked in a way that it could be understood by high scholars as well as unschooled scholars.  We enjoyed having time to listen and ask questions.

     A few times we connected with a different tour group.  They were tired.  I think our group was still enjoying the trip. One difference was the flight to St. Louis, they rode the bus.  Thanks for the flight!

    Also the other bus had a programmed schedule for the bus ride.  There was dialogue to be read by tour members and songs sung. Though these are good at many levels, I appreciated quiet time on the bus for reading and quiet conversation.  I think there was also a bit of napping!

    We enjoyed seeing so many wonderful sites with out the stress of finding them ourselves.  This allowed us to feel this spirit and have greater enjoyment of the trip.

   We found the trip in and email offering a trip discount.  When I asked my husband about going he said it sounded good.  It's almost embarrassing, but that is all the research we did.  Haha, but very out of character, so I am thanking Heavenly Father for the wonderful gift and thanking all of you for the work you do to provide marvelous trips for weary sojourners.


Thanks so much,

Byron and Marilyn Dangerfield

Fall Church History Tour Sep 23, 2015



More Praise...

Bruce, you're the best there is in teaching the Gospel but your Testimony born here in this video transends all of your teachings. Thank you my friend for sharing. Love you and Margie. Mick Michael Meredith


Jacquelyn Williams -Thanks, Bro Porter! We so enjoyed your lectures, when we were on a tour with you to the Holy Land and we enjoyed this one so much. Beautiful video! Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Beautiful Bruce, thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas, to you and your family. Love Dave & Donna Lamoreaux.


Sylvia Heck - You have  a wonderful testimony! Thank you for sharing!


Debbie Stanton  - Thank you for your wonderful testamoney.


Catherine Ann Halcomb  - Thank you! On out cruise your talks have inspired me in so many ways.


Julia Mayberry -  Wonderful testimony thank you! Merry Christmas


Arlene Fox - would like to be there on a tour with you


Lynda Steadman  - THANK YOU !!!!!!



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