Education Week at Sea  

LDS Movie Directors' Cruise

A spiritual feast for your soul 

From Los Angeles  Nov 29 - Dec 4, 2015 

5 Night - 6 Day Cruise!

When is comes to gaining gospel knowledge, it is best have your spiritual feast along with a  temporal one.  This extensive cruise/tour includes lectures at sea by LDS Movie Directors from "Meet the Mormons","The Saratov Approach", and "17 Miracles".  Attend firesides and presentations from  Blair Treu director of "Meet the Mormons" Garrett Batty of "The Saratov Approach and T.C. Christensen from 17 Miracles along with presenters Bruce H. Porter, Wayne May, and Ryan Fisher.


Interested in going? Let's get started. We'll follow up asap!

Ship Itinerary



DAY DATE    PORT                                                         ARRIVE   DEPART

Sun   Nov 29 Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA                 4:00pm

Mon Nov 30  Conference At Sea w/ Bruce H. Porter  

Tue   Dec 1     Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                          1:00pm 

Wed  Dec 2    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                                           1:00pm

Thu   Dec 3    Conference At Sea w/ Bruce H. Porter  

Fri     Dec 4    Los Angeles (San Pedro), CA                  7:00am 

Blair Treu - from

"Meet the Mormons" and many more.

Blair Treu, Garrett Batty, TC Christensen, Bruce H. Porter, Wayne May, Ryan Fisher
  • The Making of "Meet the Mormons" Presentations about the stories told in the movie and the inspiration for the movie.

  • Insights of the true story of the "Saratov Approach" Get the insights of the story that didn't get into to movie.

  • TC Christensen's insights to the miracle behind the movie 17 Miracles. Stories of inspiration and insights learned from researching the movie.

  • Bruce H. Porter eplores the"Causes of the Modern Apostacy" (Explanations and solutions)

  • Bruce H. Porter offers insights on The Book of Abraham and the Facsimiles

  • Bruce H. Porter unveils gospel relations of Science and Religion

  • Ryan Fishers explores the making of "The Nephite Explorer"

  • Wayne N. May plays off the TV show "America Unearthed" with his discovery of a ancient temple site accross the river from Nauvoo.

Garrett Batty - from

"The Saratov Approach"


"Free Town"

Trip Details:

Education Week at Sea Package without airfare is $799* per person.

• Cruise accommodations in an interior cabin based upon two people sharing a room.

  •  Upgrade to a Balcony Cabin $200* more per person.

  • (Oceanview cabins are sold out)

Package price of $1399* with Airfare per person:  

• Airfare included from these cities: SLC, PHX, SEA, BOI, PDX, SMF, RNO, LAS, OAK, SAN, TUS, DEN, BZN, BIL, GEG, EUG, ORD, DFW, SAT, IAH, ELP,MCI, STL, CLE, MSP, CVG, CMH, PHL, MCO, FLL, TPA, MIA, EWR, JFK, 


*Prices are subject change and availability.


What's included without airfare:

• Port Charges and Taxes

• All Seminars and Discussions while on board

• All meals on board

• Presentation notes

T.C. Christensen - from 

"17 Miracles" and

"The Cokeville Miracle"


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