14 Night Mediterranean Cruise

Italy - France - Spain - Greece - Israel - Turkey  


Day 1 - Depart from US

Day 2 - Arrive Milano

Day 3 - Savona, Italy

Day 4 - Marseille, France

Day 5 - Barcelona, Spain

Day 6 - At Sea

Day 7 - At Sea

Day 8 - Crete (Heraklion), Greece

Day 9 - At Sea

Day 10 - Haifa, Israel

Day 11 - Haifa, Israel

Day 12 - At Sea

Day 13 - Ephesus / Kusadasi, Turkey 

Day 14 - At Sea

Day 15 - Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Day 16 - Naples, Italy

Day 17 - Savona, Italy 

Day 19 - Depart to US


Departure 05:00 PM

The port of Savona is one of the prettiest of the Italian Riviera. The lovely climate, summers that are never to hot, mild winters and the exceptional beauty of the sea near the town makes Savona an excellent base to set out to explore Liguria. Savona is notable for the Priamar Fortress, which has dominated the town since the 16th century, and also for its historic centre where you can visit Savona Cathedral. A stop in Savona can also be an opportunity to visit the nearby city of Genoa and its narrow, picturesque streets, known as “caruggi”.

Not to be missed:

• Priamar Fortress.

• Savona Cathedral

• Via Paleocapa


Arrival 08:00 AM Departure 06:00 PM

Also called the "Porpoise City ", Marseille is France’s sunniest town, charming with its gullies where you can swim, its history and culture and restaurants with cosmopolitan cuisine. You cannot leave without having first toured on the “Cours Julien”, the street for shopping. The port of Marseille is perhaps a typical tourist destination, but it deserves to be visited for the ferry that leaves from the Town Hall and the old church, which replaced a Templar building.

Not to be missed:

• Aix-en-Provence

• Avignon, the city of the Popes

• The discovery of Marseilles by bike


Arrival 08:00 AM Departure 04:00 PM

The city is home to an innovative contemporary art museum, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Camp Nou. Also, after visiting these popular destinations, you can discover the Catalan culture. During our stop in Barcelona,  take a walk down La Rambla before visiting the Picasso Museum. In the city, you can see memorable architecture everywhere. Before leaving pay a visit to the neighborhood in the port of Barcelona. Completely renovated for the Olympic Games in 1992, it has become a place filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Not to be missed:

• Helicopter ride

• The masterpieces of Gaudí

• Sightseeing tour of Barcelona and Camp Nou stadium


Arrival 10:00 AM Departure 06:00 PM

The stop at Heraklion starts with a visit to the port of Crete. Situated in the centre of the island, this former British watchtower has a long history. You cannot land on the island that gave birth to the legend of the Minotaur without visiting the ancient Palace of Knossos. Its ancient Minoan ruins and its maze of corridors and rooms evoke the famous Greek myth of the labyrinth. Equally impressive is the island fortress of Spinalonga, which is well worth a visit. Heraklion embodies the charm of an era both ancient and medieval.

Not to be missed:

• Discover the Palace of Knossos

• The picturesque village of Kritsa

• The old town of Heraklion


Arrival 06:00 AM | Departure - Next Day 08:00 PM 

From the port of Haifa you can reach Nazareth and Bethlehem, captivating places for believers from all over the world.

Multicultural and lively, this city of Galilee lies at the foot of Mount Carmel, the “vineyard of God”, which boasts lush vegetation and caves declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. During your stay you can enjoy the beaches, ideal for a family outing, but also the ascent of Mount Carmel, from which you can enjoy the beautiful view over the old port of Haifa before heading off to Nazareth and Bethlehem, veritable cradles of Catholic, Orthodox Christian and Protestant tradition, at the crossroads with Jewish culture.

Not to be missed:

• Visit of the Gardens of Bahaï

• The prehistoric caves of Mount Carmel

• The Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth


Arrival 10:00 AM | Departure 06:00 PM 

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Arrival 10:00 AM | Departure 06:00 PM 

Your stop in the port of Palermo will enable you to discover the ancient city founded in the 8th century AD by the Phoenicians, plus the refined cuisine: don’t leave without tasting the famous cannoli! Palermo will impress you with its beauty, inherited from the Middle Ages when it was dominated by the Arabs before being conquered by the Normans. The Norman Palace and its extraordinary Cappella Palatina, Palermo and Monreale Cathedral, are architectural gems that combine Roman, Arabic, Norman and Byzantine styles. But it’s also the Botanical Garden and the surprising banyan with its luxurious trunks that will leave you with unforgettable memories of the city.

Not to be missed:

• The Norman Palace

• The Palatine Chapel

• The Capuchin Catacombs


Arrival 07:00 AM | Departure 01:00 PM 

The port of Naples is located right in the heart of the city and you can easily reach the city center on foot. Take advantage of the break to go and visit Pompeii. You have the opportunity of choosing from two shore excursions to immerse yourself in the heart of history and visit the ruins of this ancient Roman city. Then, let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the landscapes between the Hill of Posillipo and Vesuvius. If you want to go shopping, pop to Spaccanapoli, the main artery of the city.

Not to be missed:

• The Castel dell’Ovo

• The archaeological site of Pompeii

• The Church of Gesù Nuovo


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